Lend A Hand unveils new logo 

Today the Lend A Hand program unveils a new logo. Our former logo, two superimposed people, has been replaced with a symbol of two hands crossed. The new logo keeps the original font and colors of orange and blue.

The former logo had been used for seven years, since our 2008 launch by Dakota Medical Foundation. It was time for a more modern look while still expressing the warm strength of neighbors rallying around neighbors. We have helped caring community members raise a staggering $9.6 million since 2008 to help more than 350 local families facing medical hardship.

The new symbol visually demonstrates how we provide a helping hand for caring people who are organizing fundraising events: a detailed planning toolkit, the Lend A Hand website for online giving, practical guidance from the program director, marketing assistance and matching funds to inspire people to give.

“Our new logo creates the feeling of a caring partnership,” says Jeana Peinovich, director of Lend A Hand. “It keeps our upbeat, friendly colors that give a feeling of resiliency. Successful fundraisers help prevent medical bankruptcy and help people get the medical care they vitally need. Besides financial relief, fundraisers bring people together to provide uplifting emotional support for neighbors going through a tough time.”


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