Generosity of local donors shatters Giving Hearts Day records

FEBRUARY 9, 2018, 1:00 a.m.– The Giving Hearts Day fundraising event held Thursday raised a preliminary figure of $13,122,400 through 63,586 donations. Unaudited figures indicate 28,043 Giving Hearts donated, approximately 6,300 more than in 2017. Official giving statistics and details will be released after all data is verified.

Preliminary rankings of the top 10 charities in large and small budget categories will be released Friday afternoon.

Giving Hearts Day has now raised over $54 million for charities in North Dakota and northwest Minnesota. Contributions to 401 charitable causes participating in this year’s event surpassed last year’s $10.7 million raised.

Giving Hearts Day is hosted by Dakota Medical Foundation (DMF), Impact Foundation and the Alex Stern Family Foundation.

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