The purpose of the RiverView Foundation in Crookston, MN is to provide quality of place and quality of life for the community and the region they serve.

Their work with Giving Hearts Day and their strong leadership are two of many factors that have led to their continued success throughout the years.

Unlimited potential through Giving Hearts Day – from the very start

In 2008, the RiverView Foundation was one of the very first nonprofits to participate in the first-ever Giving Hearts Day. The Foundation was somewhat unsure of the impact and potential the day could hold, but they trusted that it would be worthwhile.

They began working with the Impact Institute to learn the best ways to fundraise and since then have infused the Impact Institute’s training and concepts into every aspect of their culture.

They started seeing unbelievable results!

From stretch goal to reality

The Foundation raised $17,000 on their first Giving Hearts Day. By 2017, the Foundation raised a 10-year total dollar amount of $790,000.

Last year, Kent Bruun, Director of RiverView Foundation, projected the Foundation would raise around $185,000.

But he was secretly hoping generous community members would support the Foundation on Giving Hearts Day 2018  to help them reach the $1 million mark for their 11-year total dollars raised – that meant raising $210,000 in 24 hours.

What it takes to raise $1 Million in 11 days

“At 10:00 pm we were so close to the stretch goal but still $15,000 or so short. At 11:15 pm we were only $3,500 short.” said Kent.

“I received a call from a donor couple that wanted to meet at my office. They wrote a $1,000 check. I sent an e-mail out to our staff at 11:30 pm saying we were $2,500 short of reaching a milestone goal. Within five minutes we received three online donations.”

On Giving Hearts Day 2018 the RiverView Foundation raised $216,612 with 30 minutes to spare before the end of the 24-hours. It is their largest amount raised to date.

The “Foundation was started in 1990. It took 13-years to raise $1 million. It took 11-days of Giving Hearts Day to accomplish the same outcomes,” said Kent.

A 10x team makes all the difference

From board members to employees, the success of RiverView Foundation can be accredited to a dedicated team.

The Foundation’s board is extremely invested. On Giving Hearts Day 2018 the ten individuals on the board donated a collective $11,000. They don’t just believe in the Foundation’s mission, they wholeheartedly support it.

The employees give their time, talent and treasure in hours worked and charitable donations. In 2018, 183 of the 350 RiverView employees donated to the Foundation. Each of their donations was matched by $10 from Carrie Michalski, President/CEO of the Foundation. Their efforts raised over $34,000.

Community members would also like to give Kent special recognition as he dedicates much of his time to Giving Hearts Day. Prior to the event, he spends many weekends and extra hours in preparation, especially about a month before the day of giving. Community members say he is always ready to serve and help others for the full 24-hours of Giving Hearts Day itself along with many hours the day before and after.

The Foundation today

The Foundation has come a long way since its first Giving Hearts Day.  “Giving Hearts Day is 365-days of preparation and awareness,” said Kent, “and they need to invest time, energy, and resources in relationships.” It’s clear that this strategy works!

Purpose to Impact

The RiverView Foundation puts in endless hours to fundraise which in turn allows them to fund programs that work to fulfill their purpose.

Giving Hearts Day funds were put towards:

  • The Inpatient Replacement Project
  • New furnishings for the North Clinic patient waiting area
  • Décor and enhancements to the ER family room
  • Humidifier/heaters for the Non-Invasive Ventilation (BiPAP) machines
  • OT “Fast ForWord” licenses supporting children behind in their reading abilities
  • 2018 Golf Classic sponsorships
  • Activities Fund/Care Center residents
  • Adult Day Services
  • “Angel Fund” Patient Experience Support
  • Auxiliary Donor Match Fund
  • Baby Blanket Fund/Home Health Blanket Fund
  • Cardiac Rehab
  • Diabetes funds
  • Glenmore Foundation Addiction Donor Match Fund
  • Halo Sleepsacks for SIDS prevention
  • Home Health Fund
  • Inpatient Cross Family Support Fund
  • Kiwanis Children’s Fund
  • Pulmonary Rehab
  • Prostate Screening Program
  • Reach Out and Read Program
  • Recovery Services
  • Rehab Services
  • Scholarships
  • Driving with Care addiction staff education
  • Recovery Relapse Prevention
  • Autism Program development materials
  • Celiac Support Group resources
  • ImPACT Concussion baseline support and OT staff education
  • Infant CPR lifesaving kits
  • Employee health and wellness

Learn more about the RiverView Foundation by visiting their website.

Stay tuned for another nonprofit story next week, and remember to live with purpose!

Together, we can become the most generous region on the planet.


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