R.D. Offutt Company is a family-owned and -operated company comprised of several business entities in the agriculture/construction equipment, farming, and food production industries.

RDO Equipment Co., the John Deere equipment dealer, has more than 75 locations in 10 states, with several stores located throughout the Red River Valley.

But farming, food, and equipment solutions are not the only interaction the company has with its surrounding communities.

It also focuses on philanthropy which Ron Offutt, Founder of R.D. Offutt Company, built into the company.

Employees are encouraged to play an active role in the community.

Reaching out to the community

Each employee receives eight hours of paid community time meaning they can volunteer with different organizations they love. Employee volunteering ranges from volunteering on a Habitat for Humanity (Lake Agassiz and Northern Lights) build, to donating equipment to help a nonprofit, to ringing bells during the holiday season.

Every store also has a committee that makes decisions on how to spend ‘community dollars.’ This is money that R.D. Offutt Company has set aside to specifically spend in ways that benefit the community.

Dedicated to doing more

This year, R.D. Offutt Company wanted to increase their community support in the Fargo/Moorhead area, so they partnered with Giving Hearts Day.

For them, part of the process involved brainstorming new ways to engage their employees.

Their idea – set aside money to match employee donations on Giving Hearts Day!

Communications Specialist at R.D. Offutt Company, Jessi Zenker, said they started with a small goal for matching funds because they were unsure of what to expect, or how their employees would utilize the funds.

However, they were happily surprised when all $3,000 of their donation matching funds were used within five minutes.

The employees were excited about the opportunity for matching which in turn made Jessi and others excited about the success of their idea and their partnership with Giving Hearts Day.

Of their roughly 350 employees, 124 employees donated 262 donations which went to 115 different charities!

Giving Hearts Day from a new perspective

R.D. Offutt Company’s preparation and work on Giving Hearts Day was a great opportunity for them to really understand how things work from the business side of things as well.

Jessi, said she always “thought Giving Hearts Day was incredible” as a community member and “was proud to be a part of it” this year as an employee of a business.

Their engagement as a business provided more opportunities for employees to give back. It also created a sense of fun and excitement for the company both before and on Giving Hearts Day.

She also said that she loved being able to show other teammates that they were a part of something as large and impactful as Giving Hearts Day.

Jessi said they look forward to Giving Hearts Day next year because it fits with their goal to be active in communities they are present in. The day also encourages and inspires people to get involved, especially those who don’t typically search for opportunities to give back on their own.

Purpose to Impact

R.D. Offutt Company is already planning Giving Hearts Day events for next year, but they know they want something bigger and better. They are excited to see what they can accomplish with the support of their employees.

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