Blue Cross Blue Shield’s main purpose is to provide affordable care and health for those they serve.

Employees do their best to provide great care for their members and each other. They are willing to do what it takes to ensure every member has a positive experience.

Along with a desire to serve customers, Blue Cross Blue Shield also serves the community. They have been supporters of United Way of Cass Clay for many years and are continuously providing volunteering opportunities for employees throughout the regions they serve.

A great fit for the Employee’s Committee, the Blue Squad

Blue Cross Blue Shield has been a Giving Hearts Day partner for two years.

One way Blue Cross Blue Shield became involved with Giving Hearts Day is through its Blue Squad, which finds ways to make Blue Cross Blue Shield a great place to work by providing give-back opportunities.

Tara Flack, President of the Blue Squad, was given the opportunity to become a Champion for Charities, a way for individuals and businesses to get more involved with Giving Hearts Day.

When the opportunity to actively support Giving Hearts Day in the role of a champion presented itself, Tara knew partnering with Giving Hearts Day would be a great fit.

An opportunity for unity

Since then, Tara and the rest of the Employee’s Committee have worked to educate employees and community members on what Giving Hearts Day is and represents. They also focused on ways employees can participate in Giving Hearts Day.

Blue Cross Blue Shield employees were encouraged to wear red as part of their effort to turn the inside of their building red. There was also a selfie station where employees could take #countme photos to show their support for the non-profits participating in Giving Hearts Day. Overall, Blue Cross Blue Shield had 76 percent employee participation.

Tara says it’s typically difficult to do something that involves everyone across the Blue Cross Blue Shield offices because they are spread out throughout the state.

“Giving Hearts Day was an awesome way to include them,” Tara said.


Part of the special part about Giving Hearts Day is that people from across the state could support organizations that were local to them. No matter where the employees were, they could still have the same impact.

Giving back and staying well

Tara and her team love Giving Hearts Day because it provides them with a huge opportunity to give back.

Blue Cross Blue Shield talks a lot about all elements of health and well-being Tara said.

“It is important to do things that make you feel good. One element of that is being giving.”


Purpose to impact

In order to be the best and provide great care and health to their customers, Blue Cross Blue Shield employees need to also be healthy in all aspects. Giving Hearts Day allows Blue Cross Blue Shield employees to focus on their own well-being and also the well-being of those they serve by encouraging a give-back lifestyle.

As Blue Cross Blue Shield looks towards Giving Hearts Day 2019, they are excited for the impact they can make. Tara recalled speaking with a woman who had been impacted by Giving Hearts Day. The woman had tears in her eyes as she thanked Tara and the rest of Blue Cross Blue Shield for their support.

Donations on Giving Hearts Day have the potential to receive matching funds, and when people start doing the math, “they are really floored by how much of an impact they can give,” Tara said.

Stay tuned for another business story next week, and remember to live with purpose!

Together, we can become the most generous region on the planet.


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