Giving Hearts Day is the most generous day of the year. When we first launched the online drive in 2008, our region’s generous donors offered up $325,000. The day makes space for charities to share their stories, connect with new givers and become skillful in a proven ‘friend raising’ system. It has become a gateway for people to connect to causes doing good work in areas they passionately care about.

Giving Hearts Day 2017 will be Thursday, February 9. It is co-hosted by Dakota Medical Foundation, Impact Foundation and Alex Stern Family Foundation.

On February 11, 2016, there were 37,109 donations to 326 charities and causes in North Dakota and western Minnesota. The $8.3 million raised is now at work improving health, stocking pantry shelves for the hungry, providing shelter for the homeless, funding great arts performances, providing mentors for at-risk kids and, in countless other ways, making life richer for everyone in our region.


One day for the public, a year-long system for charities.

We’ve taught thousands of people from over 200 area charities how to better tell their mission stories, promote online giving and lead conversations with donors—prepping them for a one-day home run and giving them a fundraising system they can use all year long. They’ve learned a whole system for attracting donors, building a sustaining donor base and raising major gifts.

One highly effective day.

Giving Hearts Day is powerful because it inspires so many to give for the first time or contribute to newly-discovered charities. Organizations find that 30% of donations come from new givers. It’s the start of a fulfilling relationship: new donors learn about great causes, and organizations learn about people who’ve signaled their support for their important missions.

$30.9 million raised.

More than $30.9 million has been raised through nine consecutive Giving Hearts Day events. It’s an amazing accomplishment by the charities of this region, and we invite you to learn more.