Impact Institute expands the results of charity organizations through our training and coaching, particularly around fundraising. We teach a proven system for fundraising, at the same time providing a setting for nonprofits to share ideas and best practices. We work one-on-one to help people master the inspiring stories of their hardworking organizations. They grow abilities in reaching and relating with donors, and become skillful in matching donors with fulfilling opportunities to impact health, arts, education and quality of life in our region.

We focus our fundraising training on building relationships with individual donors because 80% of giving in America is by individuals, the other 20% by businesses and foundations.

Evidence of the value of Impact Institute training can be seen in the Giving Hearts Day results of 31 organizations that have been in the event for eight consecutive years. These organizations apply Institute concepts for year-round fundraising success.

We’ve also trained organizations to grow board members as valuable strategists, volunteers, resources for accountability and vision. We’ve helped them engage far more donors who are passionate for what they do.

Our role is to make your organization more impactful with better financial and human resources!

Impact Institute was formed in 2005 together with our partners at Impact Foundation and Alex Stern Family Foundation. In 2016, the Institute held 211 individual coaching sessions with leaders from 87 nonprofits.

Alumni of Impact Institute apply concepts year-round and are invited to join in Giving Hearts Day to use the practical tools and guidance they’ve gained, in combination with their own creativity and inspiration.