Plan an Event

Planning an event to help a friend can be easier than you think!

Dakota Medical Foundation’s Lend A Hand program supports friends and volunteers who step forward to help a neighbor in need! Lend A Hand resources include a fundraising toolkit, our site for online giving, and matching funds to inspire people to give.

Start with our online fundraising toolkit for easy-to-use event ideas and resources. It includes many planning worksheets and marketing documents, all customizable and printable.

10 Steps

01. Develop a Strategy

Gather people willing to share time and expertise for a fundraising effort.  Contact family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, classmates, church and association members professionally and personally connected to the person in crisis to form a group of key leaders.

02. Set Up a Benefit Fund

A benefit fund is a short-term account to assist volunteers and the recipient/family with collecting donations, paying bills and distributing funds. Banks rarely charge to establish a benefit fund.

03. Secure Site, Date, Time

Secure a location, date and timeframe for planned fundraising activities based on what is most likely to draw the most support from community and friends of the recipient. Review the advantages of a pancake breakfast at a church compared to an event at a school, community center or local business.

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