West Acres aspires to be more than just a mall. While part of their focus is retail and dining, they also focus on experience and community.

Through their Regional Showcase program, West Acres showcases and supports regional artists and arts programs, each year they donate to over 75 regional nonprofits as part of their West Acres Cares program, and they volunteer at local nonprofits such as the Ronald McDonald House, YWCA, and United Way.

Justin Morken Art Installation

“Our success is deeply tied to the community, which we are so fortunate to call home,” says Alissa Adams, Senior Vice President of Marketing and Business Development for West Acres.

“We are grateful for its support, and we feel it is our responsibility to not only give back but also to honor our community and our roots through design, relationships, attractions and events.

“We believe that we serve as a catalyst for making a positive difference in our community,” Alissa continues.

A longstanding partnership

As part of that effort, West Acres became a Giving Hearts Day partner in 2009.

Over the years, the West Acres team has had fun coming up with different ideas to support Giving Hearts Day, such as the installation of an art piece by Justin Morken.

2018 was no different. They decorated the mall inside and out with Giving Hearts Day messages on posters and electronic signs. West Acres also reached out via social media and blogs, and sported Giving Hearts Day shirts on the event day.

The fountain of love

Along with their promotional support, the team collected all change thrown into the Fountain of Abundance (called the Fountain of Love around Giving Hearts Day) at the mall and matched those donations on Giving Hearts Day.

Purpose to impact

“Giving Hearts Day carries with it a really fun and inspiring energy, and we love how it brings our community together to give back,” says Alissa. “By giving back and supporting our community, everybody wins!” 

Stay tuned for another business story next week, and remember to live with purpose!


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