Nodak Insurance Company believes in being a socially responsible member of the community.

“One of our corporate priorities comes back to being socially responsible, and we really feel that’s a driving factor,” says Jim Alexander, CEO of Nodak Insurance Company. “We as an organization want to be involved in the community , and we want our employees to feel like they are a part of that community and that they are involved in it as well.”

Jim with representatives from the Ronald McDonald House

The purpose behind partnership

Nodak Insurance Company partnered with Giving Hearts Day for the first time in 2018 to expand their reach and impact.

“We were donating to many of these nonprofits already and giving them even more through Giving Hearts Day was just a no brainer,” says Beth DuFault, Marketing Specialist at Nodak Insurance Company.

“We have agents and claim adjusters in every corner of the state,” says Jim. “Having the flexibility to be involved in not only the Fargo-Moorhead area, but in Bowman, Lisbon, or Rugby – wherever it might be – we want to be able to support our employees and agents located in those areas.”


An eye-opening experience

Giving Hearts Day social media post

Before and during Giving Hearts Day, Nodak Insurance Company shared personalized stories on their corporate social media about who their employees give to and why they give.

“It was very eye-opening because we got to see what our employees are passionate about and what they put their dollars behind,” says Beth.

Nodak Insurance Company also gave away Giving Hearts Day gift cards to four randomly selected employees who made donations during the event. Winners of the gift cards were able to give $250 to their favorite Giving Hearts Day charity of choice.

Purpose to impact

Nodak Insurance Company is excited to continue their partnership with Giving Hearts Day for 2019.

“We’re a very giving company. Our employees give a lot of their time and their money behind charitable causes, and it really appealed to us to be a part of something that was even bigger than ourselves,” says Beth. “Just to be a part of the greater good was very rewarding.”

Stay tuned for another business story next week, and remember to live with purpose!

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