The Domestic Violence Crisis Center (DVCC) is living out their mission to empower women and victims of all forms of violence to follow a path and find a life free of violence.

What started 41 years ago as a grass roots movement in Minot, ND, has now become a center of hope and reassurance for victims of violence.

“I’ve always known that there was a place to go if I needed it, but prior to (the formation of organization’s like DVCC), you went to your best friend, or your sister, or your mom, and they worked really hard to try to get you out of a situation,” says Jill McDonald, Executive Director of DVCC. “To have somebody who has your back in the community is so important.”

Services to support each individual

DVCC provides a range of services for their clients.

“Each person needs something totally different than someone else, and if we’re not providing it at that time, we’ll find a way to be able to help the person in that aspect no matter what it is, no matter how big or how small it is, because in their world it’s huge,” says Shelly Bohl, Grant Writer for DVCC.

DVCC is the only domestic violence center in North Dakota with a campus structure. This allows them to host all services, ranging from the emergency shelter to transitional living, in a centralized area and provides an added level of security.

“It’s not just in the moment of crisis that we are here for them. They are able to keep coming to groups and we have the Helping Hands room if they need something like clothes or other supplies. They can also call the advocate that they worked with or call the crisis line when memories start flooding back to them in the middle of the night,” says Jill.

Caring for one another

“Across the board, everything comes back to being client centered,” says Jill. “We literally can be the difference between life and death in some cases and the opportunity to move forward to see hope in their future.”

This is why the staff at DVCC believe so strongly in their mission in helping victims and survivors to forge a new path.

“That’s what we are here for – to care for one another – and if we’re so hard-hearted that we don’t want to help someone in need, there’s something wrong with us. That’s what we’re here to do is to help,” says Shelly.


Hopes for the future

Through generous donations throughout the year and on Giving Heart Day, DVCC is able to continue to support victims of violence, but their ultimate goal is for something much more.

“My whole generation, we’ve always had crisis intervention. The goal is to work with the next generation to where crisis intervention is not even a thought in their head. We need to understand that people have boundaries, we should respect boundaries, and we should recognize the signs when people are putting up their boundaries. The more we work on that, the better.  I’m excited for what the next phase is,” says Jill.

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