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Create Real Change, Real Outcome and Real Impact in our Region

Through both the Dakota Medical Foundation (DMF) and Impact Foundation, we have over 110 funds and fiscal sponsor projects founded by people like you to better our community. We offer wonderful support to make your philanthropic dreams a reality.

Below are a few highlights on what we can do to help you:

Establish a fund for your charitable giving

DMF helps donors distill their personal giving philosophy around specific passions, values, and goals. Whether you’d like to make a difference in children’s health, wellness, chronic disease prevention, health scholarships or other medical causes, with the Impact Foundation, you can make a positive impact in many community causes.

When you establish a charitable giving fund at DMF and the Impact Foundation, you benefit from our close collaboration and understanding of the region’s many charities. We establish funds for individuals, families, businesses, and community groups working to impact the health and quality of life in our region.

By maintaining detailed accounting records for fund advisors, DMF and the Impact Foundation distribute funds to nonprofits and prepare annual IRS reporting documents. Without burdensome paperwork, your time is free to research charities and develop a deeper connection to the causes you support.

Both endowment and donor-advised funds can be established at DMF, with tax deductions at the time of contributions. North Dakota residents and businesses that pay sales tax contributing $5,000 or more to qualified endowment funds may be eligible for a generous 40 percent state tax credit.

Start a Fiscal Sponsor Project

Many groups in our area are working to become 501©3 nonprofits or simply have a project that serves the community partner with DMF and the Impact Foundation to deliver their impact. Serving as the sponsor of many charitable projects, DMF and the Impact Foundation handle the receipting of funds and disbursement of expenses while maintaining the integrity of your mission.

Because of the fiscal sponsor agreement, contributions to fiscal sponsor projects can be tax-deductible. Our fees are low, but our service and partnership are high. Give us a call, and we can talk about your charitable project. Examples around the community include DMF Recovery Reinvented, Impact-Red River Valley Market, Impact-Badges of Unity, and many others.

Check out the Giving Hearts Day link below to find a charity to love, and the Harlynn’s Heart story – a DMF fiscal sponsor project.

Your giving can have rich meaning and impact when you work with our advisors committed to your personal philanthropic goals. To learn more, please contact Travis Christopher, director of donor fulfillment, at (701) 356-2654 or

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DMF funds join forces to help parents through loss

Harlynn's Heart

Grief is a murky fog of devastation and confusion. For parents who lose a child at birth or have their acutely-ill newborn whisked off to an out-of-town NICU, that murky fog is suddenly so much harder to push through.

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